Live music at your wedding can really help set the tone, especially with something as versatile and elegant as the harp. It can create the perfect balance of calmness before the ceremony as well as an upbeat ambiance during the reception.



Gina has played at weddings across the country for many years in a variety of venues. She particularly enjoys curating an individual playlist for each wedding in collaboration with the happy couple. Her repertoire includes tunes from many genres including Classical, Pop, Musicals, Bollywood, Jazz, Folk, Film and TV. Gina is always happy to include song requests for your big day for that extra touch of personalised magic. This can be especially poignant and comforting during the ceremony when all eyes are on you.




What type of harp do you have?

I have 2 harps I use for weddings. 

Salvi Diana – A concert pedal harp in black gloss finish, this is an acoustic instrument with a warm mellow tone and can be played anywhere.

Salvi Rainbow – A concert pedal harp in iridescent purple, this is an electro-acoustic instrument that can be amplified and is therefore perfect for 150+ guest events or large outdoor spaces.


How much will it cost?

Prices start at £350 for the first hour and £150 for any consecutive hours. Additional charges may apply for venues more than a 2 hours drive from Nottingham where I am currently based and a one off £50 charge if amplification is required. 

A £50 deposit is required to secure your booking. 


When will you play?

For the ceremony I usually play to welcome the guests as they arrive, then for the bridal entrance, signing of the registry and the couples exit.

I also play at the drinks reception and through the wedding breakfast often starting as the guests arrive but timings for the day can be arranged to fit your schedule and budget.


Can you play outside?

Weather permitting I am very happy to play outside.  Ideally you or the venue will provide shade/cover on particularly sunny days or the if there is a chance of light showers. Should you wish to have the harp amplified I will need to be close an electrical outlet.


Can you move during the event?

Yes, I often move location from ceremony to reception areas. Please be aware I require easy/disabled access to move equipment and flights of stairs are a no.


What do you need on the day?

I like to arrive 30-45 minutes before I start playing so access to the venue is required. 

If amplification has been requested then an electrical outlet is required, though I will come equipped with my own extension lead should it be necessary.


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